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Samsung's Generative AI in 2024 Phones May Come with a Subscription Service, Rumors Suggest

Generative AI is poised to play a significant role in defining flagship phones for the upcoming year. Samsung has already confirmed that its 2024 phones will incorporate generative AI features. However, a recent rumor suggests that the company might introduce these features as part of a subscription service.

Generative AI operates on-device, enabling users to access ChatGPT-like functionality on the Galaxy S24 even when not connected to the internet.

The technology enabling generative AI features on the Galaxy S24 has been introduced, with Qualcomm unveiling the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset last month. This chipset will power various on-device AI features on Snapdragon versions of the Galaxy S24 series. Samsung's Exynos 2400 chipset for the Galaxy S24 is also expected to heavily emphasize generative AI.

An unverified rumor has emerged, suggesting that Samsung is actively considering the idea of providing on-device AI features for the Galaxy S24 through a subscription service. The exact nature of this subscription service remains uncertain, but of all the subscription-based services that Samsung could introduce, this would be counterproductive.

At present, there is no additional evidence to support this rumor, so it's possible that it may not materialize beyond being a rumor. It's challenging to envision other manufacturers charging for on-device generative AI features, especially when this technology is not yet widely adopted. It's important to allow the average user some time to understand the potential of this technology. Placing it behind a paywall from the outset may deter most users from even exploring its capabilities.

Samsung's Generative AI in 2024 Phones May Come with a Subscription Service, Rumors Suggest

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