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Google Chrome for iOS Beta Introduces Bottom Address Bar: A Long-Awaited Change

Apple's decision to move Safari's address bar to the bottom in iOS 15 prompted speculation about whether Google Chrome for iOS would adopt a similar layout. In 2023, Google introduced a beta version of Chrome for iOS that indeed offers users the option to relocate the address bar to the bottom of the screen. This significant change was brought to light by Steve Mosser, who shared that users can enable the feature by making adjustments in the settings menu.

During its beta phase, users interested in trying out this new feature can do so by participating in Google Chrome's Testflight program. Although Google has not yet specified a public release date for the feature, its introduction in the beta version suggests that this change could be on the horizon. This user-driven modification aligns Google Chrome with the design approach taken by Apple in iOS 15, providing users with more flexibility and customization options in their web browsing experience.


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