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YouTube Tests 'Play Something' Button in Mobile App for Random Video Suggestions

YouTube appears to be testing a new "play something" button in its mobile app, which guides users to a random video when they're unsure of what to watch. This feature has been observed by some users as they scroll through their homepage feed, but it's not yet available to everyone.

While the initial report suggested that the button directs users to YouTube Shorts, it has also been observed leading to random full-length videos. It's unclear whether YouTube considers a user's watch history when selecting the random videos or how widely Google is rolling out this feature.

Interestingly, this "play something" button has been in development for some time, with mentions of it dating back to May when a user on Reddit first spotted it.

Netflix introduced a similarly named "Play Something" button in 2021, which suggests random shows and movies that the user hasn't watched before. This feature aims to help users quickly find content to watch and avoid endless scrolling through the platform's library. YouTube's version of this feature could serve a similar purpose.


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