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Google Meet Introduces Car Mode for Safer Meetings on the Road

Google Meet has introduced a new "car mode" feature aimed at individuals who conduct meetings while driving. This feature is designed to simplify the experience and minimize distractions for users while they're on the road. In car mode, Google Meet will disable native image transmission, allowing users to send and receive only audio. Buttons in the interface will become larger and more accessible to ensure users can interact with the app safely while driving.

This car mode feature is particularly valuable for business professionals and anyone who needs to attend virtual meetings while commuting. It helps ensure that drivers can stay connected without compromising their safety. While Google Meet has focused on the professional environment, the car mode feature can be beneficial for all users who participate in group calls, promoting safer communication on the go.

Google has a longstanding interest in the automotive sector, with products like Android Auto designed to enhance in-car connectivity. The addition of the car mode feature in Google Meet further reflects the company's commitment to providing safe and convenient technology solutions for all users, regardless of the type of vehicle they have.


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