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Enhance Your Galaxy Device's Security with Samsung's Auto Blocker: One UI 6 Update

Samsung has introduced a new device protection feature known as Auto Blocker, which is part of the One UI 6 update. This opt-in tool is designed to enhance the security of your Galaxy device by protecting it from various security risks.

When activated, Auto Blocker can help safeguard your device from potentially harmful app installations through sideloading from unauthorized sources. It can also block apps that come from unauthorized stores. It's essential to note that these features need to be manually enabled.

Additionally, Auto Blocker enforces app security checks to detect potential malware and prevent the execution of harmful commands. It also provides protection against harmful installations over USB, which is especially important when using a public USB cable for charging.

Auto Blocker introduces an update to Message Guard, a service aimed at mitigating Zero Click attacks or preventing direct image messages containing malicious code.

To access Auto Blocker, simply navigate to your device's settings as it's part of the One UI 6 update. Enabling this feature can provide an extra layer of security to your Samsung Galaxy device.


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