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Google Expands Car Crash Detection Feature to More Countries, Including India

Google is expanding its Car crash detection feature, originally introduced on Pixel phones in the US in 2019, to more countries, and it now includes India. This feature is designed to identify severe car accidents among Pixel users and automatically notify emergency services while sharing the user's location.

This feature is now supported in five additional countries: India, Austria, Belgium, Portugal, and Switzerland. However, it's essential to note that the feature is currently not accessible in Indian languages.

To enable Car crash detection on a Pixel device, users can navigate to the Personal Safety app, select "Features," and locate "Car crash detection." Tapping on it and following the setup instructions will activate the feature. It's important to grant permissions for location, physical activity, and microphone access for the feature to work correctly.

Car crash detection is exclusively available on Pixel 4a and later models, and the phone must have an active SIM card for the feature to operate. When a car crash is detected, the Pixel phone will vibrate, emit a loud alarm, and ask if assistance is needed. In the absence of a response, the phone will attempt to contact emergency services, providing them with the user's location and crash-related data.

The inclusion of India and additional countries in this feature's availability highlights Google's commitment to improving safety for Pixel users and enhancing the capabilities of its smartphones.


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