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Slack Retires Twitter Integration Due to API Changes Introduced by X (Formerly Twitter)

Slack has made the decision to retire its integration with X (formerly known as Twitter) due to API changes implemented by X earlier this year. These API modifications impacted the functionality of the integration, rendering it non-functional. According to Rod Garcia, Slack's VP of software engineering, the Twitter app for Slack has been unusable since X introduced these changes, leading to its removal from the small number of workspaces where it was still installed.

The retirement of the Twitter app for Slack is indicated on Slack's feature retirements page with the message: "The Twitter app for Slack is no longer available due to upstream API limitations." However, it's worth noting that X posts will still "unfurl" in Slack if the workspace settings permit this feature.

This decision is part of a series of changes introduced by X since its ownership transition under Elon Musk. In January, X banned third-party apps, a move that had a significant impact on the platform's ecosystem. It has led to the discontinuation of various services that relied on X/Twitter data. Despite these changes, X has not provided an official comment, and its press email currently offers an auto-reply stating that they are busy. 

Additionally, Slack recently announced the retirement of its status account on X, indicating a shift in its approach to integrating with the platform.

Slack Retires Twitter Integration Due to API Changes Introduced by X (Formerly Twitter)

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