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Google's Enhanced Discover Feature Adds Air Quality Index (AQI) Information for Android and iOS Users

Google is enhancing its Discover feature on Android and iOS to include Air Quality Index (AQI) information alongside the existing carousel of mini cards for finance, sports, and weather. This change is part of Google's effort to provide users with a more comprehensive view of relevant and real-time information.

Key details about this update:

  • The AQI card will be displayed in Discover on both Android and iOS, allowing users to easily access air quality information from their current location.
  • The AQI card will provide the numerical Air Quality Index value along with a color-matching dot to represent the air quality condition. Additionally, it will display where the reading was taken and the time of the reading.
  • Google appears to be transitioning to a full-width weather card in Discover, offering more detailed weather information, including current conditions and the chance of precipitation.
  • The new feature is designed to offer users quick access to air quality data, which can be particularly important for individuals concerned about environmental conditions and health.

It's worth noting that this feature is not available on Android tablets, and there was a brief period when it was pulled but has now been widely rolled out to the Google app on Android and iOS. Users can access this information by tapping on the AQI card, which will perform an air quality search, providing them with the relevant data. This update aligns with Google's commitment to delivering useful and timely information to users across various platforms.

Google's Enhanced Discover Feature Adds Air Quality Index (AQI) Information for Android and iOS Users

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