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Meta Enhances Threads with Polls and GIFs, Tests View Counts on Instagram Threads Posts

Meta is introducing new features to its social platform, Threads, designed to enhance user engagement and interaction. Among these additions are polls and GIF integration within the Threads post composer. Moreover, Instagram, which is under the Meta umbrella, is testing view counts on Threads posts and pinned posts on user profiles and replies.

The polls and GIF features in Threads are aimed at providing users with more interactive and dynamic ways to express themselves. Users can now create and share polls within Threads posts. CEO Mark Zuckerberg himself showcased the feature by creating a post with a GIF and another post with a poll. The polls are user-friendly, allowing for up to four options and featuring a real-time countdown timer to indicate how long users have to vote. Interestingly, users need to participate in a poll to view its results, and Threads sends notifications when the poll concludes.

In addition to polls, Threads now supports the inclusion of GIFs, making it easier for users to enhance their posts. A new GIF icon enables users to search for GIFs from Giphy. Users can explore trending GIFs or use the search bar to find specific ones that fit their posts.

These features might remind users of similar capabilities on platforms like Twitter, highlighting Meta's effort to keep Threads competitive in the ever-evolving world of social media.

Furthermore, Instagram, a part of the Meta family, is testing view counts on Threads posts, providing users with insights into the reach and engagement of their content. Additionally, they are experimenting with pinned posts on profiles and in replies. While pinned posts are common on other platforms, Threads is innovating by allowing users to pin replies to a post, enhancing the conversational aspect of the platform.

These updates aim to foster greater user engagement and interaction within the Threads app. Threads was launched in July and has shown promising growth, with nearly 100 million monthly active users. The integration of these new features and tests is part of Meta's ongoing efforts to improve its platforms and provide users with innovative ways to connect and share content.

Meta Enhances Threads with Polls and GIFs, Tests View Counts on Instagram Threads Posts

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