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Forbes Introduces Adelaide, a Generative AI Search Platform for Personalized User Experiences

Forbes has taken a significant step in enhancing user engagement and providing personalized search experiences with the introduction of a generative AI search platform called Adelaide. This platform, developed in collaboration with Google Cloud, is designed to cater to readers' specific queries and interests, offering tailored search results within Forbes' content scope.

Adelaide, aptly named after the wife of Forbes' founder, B.C. Forbes, marks a significant shift in how readers can interact with and access content on the Forbes platform. Users can now ask specific questions or input broader topic areas, and Adelaide will not only recommend relevant articles but also provide summarized answers to the queries. However, it's important to note that the generated content is limited to Forbes' coverage over the past 12 months.

The aim behind Adelaide is to drive greater engagement with both the search functionality on Forbes' platform and its extensive array of stories. Vadim Supitskiy, Forbes' Chief Digital and Information Officer, expressed the publication's desire to innovate and leverage generative AI to enhance the user experience and expand its user base.

Using Adelaide is straightforward. Readers can access the platform by clicking on the Adelaide button on Forbes' website or by visiting the Adelaide beta page directly. They can then pose questions like "Who is the richest person in Nebraska?" In response, Adelaide utilizes Forbes' vast library of news stories, opinion pieces, and lists to create a concise summary, and it also suggests related articles for further reading. Importantly, the platform keeps track of the conversation, allowing users to continue with follow-up questions and providing additional insights or articles based on the context of the previous queries.

While Forbes is not the first media company to explore generative AI tools, it is a notable addition to the AI-driven developments in the industry. Other media outlets, including Macworld, PCWorld, Tech Advisor, and TechHive, have previously incorporated AI chatbots to answer reader questions based on their articles. However, Forbes' Adelaide represents the publication's foray into generative AI, further expanding its AI-powered capabilities.

Forbes has a track record of working with AI, having created Bertie in 2019, an AI tool that offers writing style suggestions to Forbes journalists. Both Adelaide and Bertie are built using tools from Google Cloud, highlighting the significance of Forbes' partnership with Google in this endeavor. In 2021, Forbes also launched ForbesOne, a machine learning platform designed to deliver personalized content recommendations to users.

Adelaide's potential and capabilities extend beyond its current scope. Forbes envisions expanding the platform's knowledge base to encompass its entire archive, dating back to 1917 when Forbes magazine was founded. While Forbes has not provided a specific timeline for this expansion, it represents an ambitious step towards offering an even more comprehensive and personalized user experience.


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