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Hidden Stylus Support Unveiled: OnePlus Open and Oppo Pen Collaboration

The OnePlus Open, a foldable smartphone that has garnered attention in the market, has unveiled a hidden feature – stylus support, which wasn't initially mentioned in the device's marketing materials. This revelation comes from a Reddit user named Rashed341, who shared an intriguing video showcasing the stylus's functionality on both the main and cover displays of the OnePlus Open.

What sets this discovery apart is the stylus of choice for this device – the Oppo Pen, which was originally designed for the Oppo Find N2. OnePlus had not officially communicated or advertised stylus support for the OnePlus Open, making it somewhat of an undisclosed feature. Nevertheless, there are hints of a stylus menu page within the device's settings, indicating that OnePlus may have considered or planned to introduce stylus support at some point.

For users keen on using the Oppo Pen with the OnePlus Open, they can pair the two devices seamlessly. Once paired, the stylus functions as expected, enabling users to write, draw, and interact with the OnePlus Open's display, much like other stylus-supported devices.

However, potential users should keep a couple of points in mind. Firstly, OnePlus has not officially sanctioned stylus support for the OnePlus Open, raising the possibility of potential display damage over time due to stylus usage. This is a risk that users need to be mindful of. Secondly, the Oppo Pen isn't officially available in the US market. Therefore, users in the US might need to explore avenues for importing one if they wish to use a stylus with the OnePlus Open.

In summary, the revelation that the OnePlus Open supports stylus input is a delightful surprise for users of this foldable device. This unexpected feature can enhance the device's functionality, particularly for tasks like note-taking and creative work. However, it's essential for potential users to be aware of the potential risks associated with using a stylus on a device that doesn't have official stylus support from OnePlus.


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