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Lethal Company Releases New Update Featuring Weekly Challenge Moons and Enemy Adjustments

Lethal Company, an indie game that gained popularity in late 2023, has released a new update featuring several significant changes. One of the key additions is the introduction of weekly challenge moons, providing players with a shared experience as they tackle randomly generated moons with increased scrap and other properties. The update also brings reworks to multiple enemies, adjustments to fall damage, a new hallway type for the Factory map, and various bug fixes.

The weekly challenge moons offer players a chance to compete based on efficiency, with their profits uploaded to leaderboards. The challenge moons are generated using a random seed, providing a fresh experience each week. The enemies that received adjustments in this update include the thumper, bunker spider, forest giant, coilhead, nutcracker, and jester. Fall damage has been modified, making players take damage from lesser heights to emphasize the importance of verticality.

Other additions in the update include a new hallway type for the Factory map, bug fixes related to landmines, shovel collisions, gift boxes, and more. The patch notes highlight that the game's developer plans to focus on adding more rooms and variety to existing indoor map types rather than introducing completely new ones.

The update also introduces a server tag feature for public lobbies, allowing players to filter servers based on specific tags. The position of random lightning strikes, the destination of the inverse teleporter, contents of gift boxes, and the positions of scrap items are now deterministic and based on the random seed.

The changes to existing enemies, such as the thumper's movement rework and adjustments to other enemies, aim to enhance the overall gameplay experience. The update brings a mix of new challenges, features, and improvements, contributing to the ongoing success and engagement of Lethal Company.


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