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Roblox on PlayStation 4 Introduces Trophies with Latest Update

Roblox on PlayStation 4 has finally introduced trophies with its latest update, fulfilling a long-awaited feature for fans. Despite Roblox arriving on PlayStation consoles in October 2023, the absence of trophies had been noted until this recent update. Roblox, initially released in 2006, is a popular online game creation tool that allows players to join or create custom games spanning various genres. While the game launched on Xbox consoles in 2016, PlayStation users had to wait for this crucial feature.

The PlayStation 4 version of Roblox now includes eight trophies, offering a relatively easy set of achievements for players. These trophies can be earned by playing games with friends, exploring different user-generated worlds, rating games, customizing avatars, and joining PlayStation Network parties. The trophy list is considered relatively simple and can be completed in just a few hours of casual playtime. However, it's worth noting that the update did not introduce a platinum trophy, but it does offer players the chance to earn some of the easiest gold trophies on the PlayStation platform.

The Roblox PS4 Trophy List includes:

  • Scout - You played a Roblox game! - Bronze
  • Explorer - You played 5 different Roblox games. - Silver
  • Trailblazer - You played 15 different Roblox games. - Gold
  • Pollster - You rated 5 Roblox games. - Silver
  • Marathon - You played a Roblox game for one hour! - Bronze
  • One Name, Many Faces - You changed your avatar's look! - Bronze
  • Strength in Numbers - You joined a PlayStation™Network party and played a Roblox game. - Bronze
  • Four's Company - You played a Roblox game with 3 of your friends! - Gold

While the addition of trophies has been celebrated by the Roblox community, the game has also faced recent controversy. Several months ago, Roblox Corporation removed iconic car manufacturers like Honda, Toyota, and Bugatti from the game, leading to speculations about cost-cutting measures. The recent update on PlayStation might contribute to expanding Roblox's audience and potentially increasing revenue.

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