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Microsoft Introduces 'Notebook' Feature to Copilot (formerly Bing Chat), Offering Enhanced Interaction with ChatGPT-4

Microsoft is rolling out the new "Notebook" feature for Bing Chat or Copilot to everyone, including consumers. This feature allows users to interact with the ChatGPT-4-powered AI in real-time. Unlike the existing chat interface, the Notebook tab is more prompt-tuning friendly and supports up to 18,000 characters, providing a more versatile and detailed interaction.

The Notebook interface in Bing Chat doesn't replace the Copilot chat interface but serves as a companion tool. The left side of the Notebook houses prompts, while the right side displays results, making it easy for users to modify prompts and view the corresponding outcomes. Notably, the Notebook supports 18,000 characters, four times more than Bing Chat and ChatGPT Plus, enabling users to input extensive research documents or content and ask the AI about it.

One noteworthy feature of Bing Chat's Notebook is its ability to remember previous versions of prompts and their results in a conversation. This feature ensures continuity, allowing users to build on earlier interactions. For example, if a user asks the AI to write an essay and later requests the AI to turn that essay into a poem or ask related questions, the Notebook will recall the original essay and the input of up to 18,000 characters.

Bing Notebook is designed as a prompt fine-tuning tool, allowing users to edit prompts without starting over. Microsoft has confirmed that the Notebook version of Bing Chat is not exclusive to enterprises, and anyone can try it. However, the feature is currently available to select users and is rolling out gradually.

In addition to the Notebook feature, Microsoft is introducing other enhancements to Bing Chat, including a new "search" plugin that provides a ChatGPT-like experience without accessing Bing search results. The Code Interpreter feature is also expanding globally, aiming to bridge the gap between Bing and ChatGPT code interpreters. Several experimental features, such as a read-aloud button, Microsoft Excel integration, and an edit button, are available to some users, although it remains unclear when these features will be widely accessible on Bing.


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