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Gmail App for Android Now Supports 'Select All' Feature, Aligning with iOS for Streamlined Email Management

In a recent update to the Gmail app on Android, Google has introduced a long-awaited feature, aligning it with the iOS counterpart. This significant feature is the ability to "Select All," offering users a more streamlined approach to managing their emails efficiently. While iOS users have enjoyed this functionality for years, Android users have only recently received this feature, marking a positive move towards feature consistency across different platforms.

The introduction of "Select All" on the Android Gmail app is a welcome enhancement, providing users with the capability to handle multiple email selections for actions such as deletion. This not only enhances productivity but also brings a sense of convenience to email management. It's important to note that, initially, the feature allows users to select and delete 50 emails on the page at a time.

For users seeking to delete all emails, specific steps need to be followed. On a computer, users should sign in to Gmail, click on the checkbox below the search box, select the warning message indicating "Select all x conversations," and finally, click on the "Delete" button. On mobile devices, users can open the Gmail app, access the inbox, tap on the three dots in the upper left corner, choose "Select all," and tap on the "Delete" button at the top.

This update in the Gmail app for Android signifies a notable development, and users can expect a more consistent experience across devices as Google continues refining its applications. As this feature becomes more widely available through updates, Android users can enjoy an improved email management experience, contributing to a more user-friendly interface and enhanced functionality. The move underscores Google's commitment to refining its services based on user feedback and ensuring a cohesive experience across its diverse user base.

Gmail App for Android Now Supports 'Select All' Feature, Aligning with iOS for Streamlined Email Management

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