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WhatsApp to Introduce App Theme Color Customization for iOS Users, Departing from Traditional Green Scheme

WhatsApp is undergoing a substantial transformation with recent UI enhancements on both its Android and iOS platforms. This overhaul includes refreshed icons, new color schemes, and the introduction of novel features like multi-account support and Channels. A noteworthy upcoming addition, as reported by WABetaInfo, is the prospect for iOS users to personalize the app's theme colors, signaling a shift from the traditional green hue synonymous with WhatsApp.

The anticipated "app color" feature, initially identified in the iOS beta version, promises users five distinct color options—green, blue, white, pink, and purple. Notably, the chosen color will permeate various elements of the app, from the unread messages indicator to message timestamps. This marks a departure from the entrenched green color scheme, providing users with unprecedented customization possibilities.

While the focus of the report centers on iOS, the potential introduction of the "app color" feature for Android users remains uncertain. WhatsApp has a history of maintaining feature parity across platforms, making it plausible for Android users to receive a similar theme customization option in subsequent updates.

The "app color" feature underscores WhatsApp's commitment to offering users greater control over the app's aesthetics, elevating personalization possibilities. By enabling users to deviate from the conventional color scheme, WhatsApp addresses a longstanding desire for more customization options beyond the basic light and dark modes. Although the feature is currently in development and inaccessible to iOS beta users, its prospective rollout signifies one of the most substantial alterations to WhatsApp's user interface, aligning with the evolving preferences of its diverse user base.

WhatsApp to Introduce App Theme Color Customization for iOS Users, Departing from Traditional Green Scheme

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