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YouTube Introduces Experimental AI Tools for Enhanced User Experience: Topics Summarization and Conversational AI

YouTube has unveiled two experimental generative AI-based tools, Topics Summarization and Conversational AI, as part of its ongoing efforts to enhance the user experience. These features are currently being tested with a select group of YouTube Premium subscribers, with no official confirmation regarding their availability for free users.

The Topics Summarization tool leverages AI to organize lengthy comment threads found beneath YouTube videos into coherent themes or comment topics. Users participating in the experiment will see the option to segment comment topics prominently displayed at the top of the comment section. This feature empowers creators to efficiently navigate comment discussions on their videos and gives them the ability to remove specific comment topics, including individual comments falling under those topics.

The Topics Summarization tool is presently available as an opt-in feature within the YouTube mobile app for YouTube Premium subscribers.

Conversational AI, on the other hand, functions akin to a chatbot and is designed to provide informative responses to user queries related to the video they are watching. It can offer background information, recommend relevant content, and deliver additional insights without causing interruptions to the video playback experience.

For select educational videos, Conversational AI is equipped to provide quizzes and interact with user queries effectively. Currently, this feature is accessible to Premium Android users in the United States. Users who have chosen to participate in the experiment will notice a star icon located alongside the Like and Share buttons, indicating its availability for their use.

While YouTube has introduced these innovative AI-driven tools, it remains to be seen whether they will eventually be rolled out to a broader user base, including free users, as the platform continues to assess their performance and gather user feedback during this experimental phase.

YouTube Introduces Experimental AI Tools for Enhanced User Experience: Topics Summarization and Conversational AI

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