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Samsung Unveils Galaxy AI for Galaxy S24 Series: AI Live Translate Call Feature and More

Samsung has announced a new era of Galaxy AI, signaling its entry into the AI landscape. One of the highlighted features is AI Live Translate Call, which will be integrated into the native call feature of the latest Galaxy AI phones. This on-device translation service aims to eliminate the need for third-party apps, providing real-time audio and text translations during phone calls.

Samsung emphasizes the privacy aspect of this feature, stating that the conversations' contents never leave the phone. The company positions this as a seamless solution, making communication with individuals speaking different languages as easy as turning on closed captions while streaming a show.

The announcement aligns with Samsung's plan to heavily emphasize AI for the launch of the upcoming Galaxy S24 series, expected on January 17. "Galaxy AI" is described as a comprehensive mobile AI experience powered by on-device AI developed at Samsung and cloud-based AI through collaborations with industry leaders. Samsung claims that its approach to AI will transform the everyday mobile experience while prioritizing Galaxy security and privacy.

The statement suggests that "Galaxy" refers to the brand rather than a separate company. Samsung positions Galaxy as uniquely positioned to harness AI's potential, emphasizing the power of openness available to users. The company envisions a world where AI breaks down common barriers to social connection and enhances communication.

The release of "Galaxy AI" is slated for early next year, coinciding with the expected launch of the Galaxy S24 series. The announcement hints at the possibility of rebranding Bixby to Galaxy AI, but details remain to be confirmed in January.

Samsung Unveils Galaxy AI for Galaxy S24 Series: AI Live Translate Call Feature and More

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