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Xiaomi Set to Launch Blood Pressure Monitoring Smartwatch: Xiaomi Wrist ECG Blood Pressure Recorder

Xiaomi is set to unveil its first smartwatch designed for blood pressure monitoring, officially named the "Xiaomi Wrist ECG Blood Pressure Recorder." The product is scheduled for launch on October 26th alongside other Xiaomi devices, including the Xiaomi 14, Hyper OS, and Xiaomi Watch S3.

The Xiaomi Blood Pressure Smartwatch boasts a sleek, non-bulky design with a round dial and two physical buttons on the right side. The strap is expected to have inflation and pressure functions to assist in blood pressure measurements. The smartwatch is intended for both medical-grade blood pressure monitoring and top-tier smart features.

This device will feature an easy-to-use interface that prominently displays blood pressure readings, differentiating between systolic and diastolic pressures. The readings will be accompanied by color-coded risk level indicators. The smartwatch's portability makes it convenient for users to check their blood pressure from anywhere, making it especially beneficial for older individuals managing hypertension. Furthermore, it offers automatic measurement settings for added user convenience and has received China's Class II Medical Device certification.

The package for the Xiaomi Wrist ECG Blood Pressure Recorder includes the watch, strap, airbag, a charging base, and mobile app software. It's important to note that this product is intended for adult use and collects ECG data from the wrist. It employs the oscilloscope method to measure blood pressure and pulse, providing values meant for clinical reference. The device is manufactured by Longqi Electronics (Huizhou) Co., Ltd.


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