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Honor Unveils Snapdragon 8 Gen 3-Powered Honor Magic 6 with On-Device Large Language Model (LLM)

Honor, the global technology brand, has provided new insights into its upcoming Honor Magic 6 mobile phone, which is set to feature the new Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 SoC (System on a Chip). The company has also emphasized the power of its on-device large language model (LLM). This announcement was made at the Snapdragon Summit 2023 in Hawaii, highlighting the collaboration between Honor and Qualcomm in creating a more intelligent and user-centric ecosystem.

George Zhao, CEO of Honor Device Co. Ltd, expressed their commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation, emphasizing the use of AI to enhance user experiences while maintaining privacy. The partnership with Qualcomm aims to drive technological advancements and create transformative AI-driven experiences.

During the event, Honor also introduced enhanced MagicRing connectivity features to showcase the collaboration between the two companies, indicating that the upcoming Honor Magic 6 will incorporate these features.

Honor's on-device LLM stands apart from cloud-based LLMs as it offers personalized services tailored to individual users' needs. This approach is in contrast to cloud-based LLMs, which rely on publicly accessible datasets. The collaboration between Honor and Qualcomm focuses on three core areas to provide users with an enriched AI-powered experience.


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