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Humane's AI Pin: The Revolutionary Wearable Smartphone Replacement Making Waves at Paris Fashion Week

Humane, a company founded by former Apple executives, is set to launch a groundbreaking wearable smartphone replacement known as AI Pin. This innovative device was showcased at Paris Fashion Week and is designed to serve as a standalone device that can make calls and project a smartphone-like interface onto any surface. The AI Pin, resembling one half of a flip phone, can be magnetically attached to clothing.

According to Time Magazine, which included the AI Pin in its list of the "Best Inventions of 2023" even before its official launch, the wearable will utilize proprietary software and OpenAI's GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) to enable users to make phone calls, send texts, and ask complex questions using voice commands.

However, it remains unclear whether Humane will employ GPT-3.5 or the newer GPT-4. The device will also feature a built-in camera capable of identifying objects and providing estimated calorie counts when scanning food items. To address privacy concerns, the AI Pin will incorporate a "Trust Light" that illuminates when the camera, microphone, or other sensors are actively in use.

Humane has been teasing the AI Pin for several months, sharing demos of the device back in April. The company initially planned to reveal more about the device's capabilities on October 14 but later postponed the announcement to November 9. This highly anticipated wearable represents a significant step in the evolution of smartphone alternatives.


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