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Microsoft to Discontinue Production of Azure Kinect Developer Kit, Focuses on Partner Ecosystem

Microsoft has made the strategic decision to discontinue the production of the Azure Kinect Developer Kit, a technology that has played a pivotal role in shaping depth-sensing cameras for gaming and mixed reality experiences. With a strong legacy in enhancing Xbox gaming and enabling the HoloLens mixed reality headset, the Azure Kinect Developer Kit has been a driving force in the industry. 

While production of the kit is drawing to a close, Microsoft is committed to ensuring that the technology remains accessible to developers. The Azure Kinect Developer Kit SDK will continue to be available for download, empowering developers to harness its capabilities. 

Microsoft is also extending a limited window for users to purchase devices until the end of October, or while supplies last. To meet long-term needs and specialized hardware requirements, Microsoft encourages users to explore the offerings provided by its partner ecosystem, ensuring that the spirit of innovation and application lives on in various sectors.


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