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Exclusive Unboxing Video Reveals Potential Meta Quest 3 VR Headset Features Ahead of Official Launch

An unboxing video has surfaced on a prominent platform (previously known as Twitter), showcasing what appears to be Meta's upcoming VR headset, tentatively referred to as the Quest 3. Despite its anticipated launch in the fall, the video presents a detailed unboxing of the device, featuring the headset and two Touch Plus controllers. Impressively, the unboxed components match the visuals presented during Meta's initial announcement of the headset in June.

Remarkably, the Quest 3 has already appeared in the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) database, indicating its compliance for sale within the US market. This regulatory step suggests that Meta is gearing up for an imminent product launch. Coinciding with this, Meta has planned the Meta Connect event, scheduled to commence on September 27th. This event is expected to serve as a platform for Meta to divulge additional information about the Quest 3, including potential release specifics.

It's worth noting that this incident isn't the first instance of a high-profile leak involving a Quest headset. Prior to its official unveiling in October, images and videos of the Meta Quest Pro had surfaced, allegedly due to the device being inadvertently left in a hotel room.

This situation underscores the challenges companies like Meta face in safeguarding product information until official launches, despite meticulous preparations. As the Meta Connect event approaches, the VR community eagerly awaits Meta's comprehensive revelations about the upcoming Quest 3.


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  1. Information was useful and detailed

    1. Is there any official launch date available in order to mark the calendar

    2. On September 27 they will probably reveal it, the launch date of the device is still unclear but we will definitely have some 'Number Figures' after the event

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