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Samsung and Google Expand AI Features Across Smartphone and Tablet Lineups

In a flurry of announcements from leading tech giants, both Samsung and Google have unveiled plans to expand the reach of their respective AI features to more devices in their smartphone and tablet lineup.

Samsung recently confirmed the rollout of its Galaxy AI features to additional Galaxy devices through the OneUI 6.1 update. This update brings a host of AI-powered functionalities, including Chat Assist, Live Translate, and Generative Edit, to devices such as the Galaxy S23 series, S23 FE, Z Fold5, and Z Flip5, initially focusing on the US market. Subsequently, the update will extend to tablets like the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra, Tab S9+, and Tab S9 Wi-Fi version, offering users a seamless AI-driven experience across a broader range of Samsung devices.

Following suit, Google has announced the expansion of its Circle to Search feature to more Pixel smartphones. This gesture-driven functionality, which allows users to perform quick searches by drawing a circle on their screen, was initially introduced with the Samsung Galaxy S24 series and later made available on Pixel 7 series and Pixel 8 series devices. Now, Google is extending this feature to additional Pixel smartphones, including the Pixel 6 series, Pixel 6a, Pixel 7a, and more. Furthermore, the Circle to Search feature will also be integrated into Samsung's Galaxy Tab S9 series tablets, expanding its availability beyond smartphones.

Additionally, Google revealed plans to introduce its Gemini Nano AI model to the vanilla Pixel 8 smartphone as part of an upcoming feature drop. This AI model, designed for on-device AI capabilities, was previously exclusive to the Pixel 8 Pro despite both models being equipped with the Tensor G3 chipset. The availability of the Gemini Nano model on the Pixel 8 aims to enhance the AI capabilities of the base Pixel model, further empowering users with advanced AI functionalities directly on their device.

Overall, these announcements underscore the ongoing efforts of both Samsung and Google to democratize AI-driven features across their respective device ecosystems. By expanding the reach of AI capabilities to a wider range of smartphones and tablets, users can expect an enhanced and more seamless user experience, with AI-powered functionalities enriching various aspects of device usage, from communication and productivity to content creation and search.

Samsung and Google extend AI features to more devices, enriching user experiences across smartphones and tablets
Samsung and Google extend AI features to more devices, enriching user experiences across smartphones and tablets


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