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Valve Implements New Rules on Steam for AI-Generated Content in Games, Requires Developer Disclosures and Introduces Reporting System for Players

Valve has implemented new rules on its Steam gaming platform to accommodate more games with artificial intelligence (AI) content. Developers can now update the content survey form to provide details on how they use AI in their games, especially if AI tools are employed to generate art, code, sound, or other content. Developers must ensure that such generated content does not violate copyright laws or involve illegal materials. Valve will evaluate each game and verify the information provided by developers.

For games with live-generated AI content, developers must describe the guardrails in place to prevent the creation of illegal content. Recognizing the challenges of reviewing all content in real time, Valve is introducing a new system on Steam that enables players to report any issues easily. If players encounter content that should have been caught by established guardrails, they can use Steam's new in-game overlay to notify Valve.

Valve plans to be transparent with gamers by including AI content disclosure on developers' Steam store pages. These new rules come as Valve enhances its understanding of the AI landscape and associated risks. The company acknowledges the need to adapt to the fast-moving and legally complex nature of AI technology. While Valve currently doesn't permit games with live-generated adult sexual content, it remains open to revisiting its rules as it continues to learn and adapts to evolving legal considerations in the AI space.


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