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Google Unveils Chromecast Ecosystem Updates at CES 2024, Including Fast Pair Expansion, TikTok Casting Support, and Pixel Phone Integration

At CES 2024, Google has introduced several enhancements to its Chromecast ecosystem. Key updates include the expansion of Fast Pair support to Chromecast with Google TV, facilitating seamless pairing with Bluetooth accessories. Initially available on Android phones and Chromebooks, Fast Pair support will extend to more Google TV devices in the coming year.

Chromecast now supports TikTok, allowing users to cast content from their phones to Chromecast built-in devices. Additionally, the feature will soon enable casting live videos from TikTok to TVs and other Chromecast built-in devices, enhancing the entertainment experience.

Pixel phone users can anticipate a new feature called "Cast to devices nearby," scheduled for later this year. It will enable casting content from Spotify and YouTube Music to a docked Pixel Tablet when the devices are in close proximity. This feature aims to simplify the casting process, allowing users to tap their Pixel phone to the docked Pixel Tablet for seamless media transfer in both directions.

Google also announced the expansion of Chromecast built-in support to the 2024 LG TV series, offering casting capabilities to users in hotel rooms without the need to log in and out of apps on the TV. Furthermore, Chromecast built-in will be available on Google TV devices launching in 2024, including the 2024 Hisense ULED and ULED X series, TCL Q Class, QM7 line, and more. These additions aim to enhance the casting experience across a broader range of devices.


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