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Google Introduces Generative AI Features in Chrome for Enhanced Tab Management, Theme Customization, and Writing Assistance

Google has introduced new Generative AI features for Chrome, offering users enhanced capabilities in tab management, theme customization, and writing assistance. These experimental AI features can be enabled in Chrome settings under "Experimental AI" but are currently disabled for enterprise and educational accounts.

The first feature, Tab Organiser, aims to streamline tab management. It automatically creates tab groups based on open tabs, suggesting names for these groups to facilitate easy identification. Users can access this feature by right-clicking on an open tab and selecting 'Organize Similar Tabs' or by clicking on the drop-down arrow next to the tabs.

Chrome's generative AI will also extend to theme creation. Similar to Generative AI wallpapers on Android 14, Chrome can now generate themes based on user preferences. To use this feature, users can click on 'Customize Chrome' in the side panel, then choose 'Change Theme' and 'Create with AI'. The themes offer various styles and moods, such as animated styles or serene moods, leveraging the text-to-image diffusion model used in Android 14 wallpapers.

Additionally, the 'Help me write' feature, which was initially introduced in Gmail in June of the previous year, is now available on Chrome. This feature assists users in drafting notes or comments on public spaces or forums. Users can activate it by right-clicking on an empty text box in Chrome and selecting 'Help me write', allowing the AI to take over after the initial draft is written.

These new features aim to enhance the overall user experience in Chrome, providing innovative ways to manage tabs, personalize themes, and receive writing assistance directly within the browser. Users can explore these functionalities in Chrome settings under the Experimental AI section.

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