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X Introduces Passkey Log-Ins on iPhones and iPads, Enhancing Account Security and Enabling Passwordless Authentication

X has introduced support for passkey log-ins on iPhones and iPads, making this security feature accessible to all members, regardless of their "Premium" status. The passkey feature enables users to bypass entering a password when logging in and relies on the device's security, utilizing Face ID, Touch ID, or the device's passcode.

Currently, passkeys are only available in the United States, and X has not disclosed the timeline for rolling out this login technology on Android, desktop operating systems, or in other countries. The rollout of passkeys by X appears to be ongoing, with some users still awaiting access as of the recent update.

Passkeys offer a security mechanism that ties account security to the device's security by generating two cryptographic keys – one stored on X and another locally on the user's device. This creates a robust "remember this device" system. X joins other major tech companies, including Google, PayPal, Microsoft, and Nintendo, in enabling passwordless logins through passkey technology.

Passkeys have the capability to replace traditional passwords with the authentication methods native to the user's device. Users can sign in to various services, such as Gmail, PayPal, or iCloud, by using Face ID on iPhones, the fingerprint sensor on Android phones, or Windows Hello on PCs. The passkey technology is built on WebAuthn (Web Authentication) tech, generating two distinct keys – one stored by the service or website and a private key stored locally for identity verification.

In case of a lost or broken device, passkeys can still be accessed across multiple devices if a backup is available. Many services supporting passkeys offer additional authentication methods, such as reauthentication to a phone number, email address, or a hardware security key. Apple's and Google's password vaults, as well as password managers like 1Password and Dashlane, already support passkeys, contributing to the adoption of this passwordless authentication method.

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