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Samsung Galaxy S24 Series Surprises Indian Market with Early Availability on Amazon

Samsung's highly-anticipated Galaxy S24 series, comprising the Galaxy S24, S24+, and S24 Ultra, has made an early entrance into the Indian market, defying the initially announced release date of January 31 for those opting not to partake in pre-orders. Surprisingly, these flagship devices are now available for direct purchase on Amazon, providing consumers with an unexpected opportunity to acquire the latest in Samsung's Galaxy lineup sooner than anticipated. Amazon, known for its swift delivery services, promises a one-day delivery option for the Galaxy S24 and a two-day delivery window for the Galaxy S24 Ultra, selectively catering to specific pin codes. This early availability on a prominent online marketplace offers users an accelerated and convenient avenue to secure the newest Samsung smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

While Samsung India continues to use the term "pre-book" on its official website, there are reports of certain pre-orders being fulfilled and delivered ahead of the initially communicated schedule. The ambiguity in the terminology used by Samsung suggests a potential strategy to underpromise and overdeliver, enhancing the overall customer experience.

The Galaxy S24+, also accessible on Amazon, stands out with a promised delivery date of January 27 in select cities. It's noteworthy that specific color options for both the Galaxy S24+ and S24 Ultra remain exclusive to Samsung's official website, giving consumers a choice based on their preferred platform.

Pricing details for the Galaxy S24 series in India are as follows:

Galaxy S24: 

  • 256GB: INR 79,999
  • 512GB: INR 89,999

Galaxy S24+:

  • 256GB: INR 99,999
  • 512GB: INR 109,999

Galaxy S24 Ultra:

  • 256GB: INR 129,999
  • 512GB: INR 139,999
  • 1TB: INR 159,999

Amazon, mirroring Samsung's promotional strategies, extends additional bonuses and discounts. Notably, the 512GB variant of the Galaxy S24 Ultra is available at the price of the 256GB model, augmenting the appeal for potential buyers. 

Moreover, exclusive cashback options for credit and debit cards from specific banks contribute to the overall value proposition for consumers.

The unforeseen early availability of the Galaxy S24 series in India, coupled with competitive pricing and strategic promotional offers, creates an opportune moment for robust consumer engagement and significant market traction. The expedited delivery options provided by Amazon further amplify the appeal, potentially catalyzing early adoption of Samsung's latest flagship devices within the Indian market.



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