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Apple Announces Release Date for Apple Vision Pro Mixed Reality Headset

Apple CEO Tim Cook announced the release date for the company's mixed reality (MR) headset, the Apple Vision Pro, stating that it will be available for sale in the United States from February 2. The headset, emphasizing spatial computing, leverages augmented reality to provide users with an immersive heads-up display and access to Apple's suite of productivity applications. Tim Cook highlighted the arrival of the era of spatial computing while introducing the Apple Vision Pro.

The pre-orders for the Apple Vision Pro are set to begin on January 19 at 5 am PST. Positioned as Apple's first 3D camera, the headset allows users to capture spatial photos and videos, offering an immersive experience with Spatial Audio. It enables users to relive moments by viewing existing photos and videos in a remarkable scale, with panoramas wrapping around for an immersive effect. Additionally, users can create spatial videos with the iPhone 15 Pro and view them on the Apple Vision Pro.

Tim Cook, in an interview with the BBC, emphasized the company's years of research and development to make the Apple Vision Pro simple to use and aligned with the way users' minds work. Spatial computing, integral to the headset, involves the integration of virtual elements into the real-world environment, creating mixed reality by combining digital and physical worlds.

The Apple Vision Pro, unveiled during the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference 2023, comes with a price tag of $3,499 (approximately ₹2.9 lakh). The pricing has sparked discussions, with some consumers and experts expressing concerns about the high cost. Notably, Tesla CEO Elon Musk responded to Tim Cook's announcement, expressing his anticipation to try out the Apple Vision Pro. The reactions to the pricing indicate varying opinions about the market positioning of Apple's mixed reality headset.

Apple Announces Release Date for Apple Vision Pro Mixed Reality Headset

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