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Lenovo Smart Paper Review: A Digital Notepad with E-Ink Technology and Stylus, but Faces Challenges in User Experience and Integration

Lenovo's Smart Paper, a digital notepad equipped with e-ink technology, enters the market with a price tag of approximately $400 (or £500 in the UK). This device aims to offer users a paper-like writing experience through a 10.3-inch E Ink touchscreen with a matte finish. The included stylus, featuring tilt and pressure sensitivity, provides a smooth and responsive input, making it suitable for various tasks such as pencil sketches, doodles, and note-taking. The device's solid hardware, coupled with a streamlined design and a built-in light for low-light conditions, contributes to an overall pleasant user experience.

Running on Android 11 with an open-source twist, the Smart Paper incorporates a touch interface, providing access to notepad templates and basic apps like clock, calendar, and email. However, users have reported challenges with the device's navigation system, which involves swipes and taps, leading to a somewhat temperamental user experience. While the Smart Paper supports EPUB, PDF, and Office files, its capabilities are limited compared to more versatile tablets.

One notable feature is the offline handwriting recognition, allowing users to convert handwritten notes into digital text. Despite this functionality, challenges arise concerning file syncing and the associated cloud subscription pricing. Lenovo's Smart Paper app, offering cloud-synced notebook files, comes with a subscription model that some users find prohibitively expensive. Additionally, the device lacks easy integration with widely used platforms like Google Docs, limiting its appeal to users seeking a more seamless digital writing and note-taking experience.

In conclusion, while the Lenovo Smart Paper delivers a commendable writing experience with its e-ink technology and stylus capabilities, its high price, challenges related to file syncing, and limitations in app integration may make it less appealing to users looking for a more versatile and cost-effective digital notepad solution.


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