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Google Investigates Reports of Missing Files on Google Drive for Desktop, Advises Users to Avoid Certain Actions

Google is investigating reports from Google Drive users who claim their personal files are missing from the cloud storage service. Acknowledging the issue in a community post, Google stated that they are looking into reports of an issue affecting a limited subset of Drive for desktop users. The company advised users not to click on 'Disconnect Account' within Drive for desktop and not to delete or move the app data folder. Google recommended users make a copy of the app data folder on their hard drive if they have sufficient space.

The reported issue comes after Google announced design changes for its Drive app on Android and iOS devices, introducing a more compact layout for uploaded files in a list format. This design allows users to see more recommended files, such as those recently opened, shared, or edited. The update also replaced the Notification log with an Activity view section adjacent to 'Suggested' in Drive, showcasing items needing user attention, such as pending access requests, recent comments, and awaiting approvals.

The new home tab layout is optional, and if users don't opt-in, the Drive app will open to the last used tab, like Shared or Files. The update is rolling out for both Google Workspace customers and users with personal Google Accounts. While investigating the missing files issue, Google advises users to refrain from certain actions within the Drive for desktop application.


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