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Inflection AI Introduces Powerful Language Model, Inflection-2, Outperforming Google's PaLM

Inflection AI, the creator of the PI AI Personal Assistant, has introduced a powerful new large language model named Inflection-2, surpassing Google's PaLM language model across various benchmark datasets. The PI Personal Assistant is a conversational AI platform available on the web and mobile devices, functioning as a chatbot assistant for answering questions, conducting research, and offering advice. Inflection-2, the new large language model, outperformed Google's PaLM 2 in benchmark tests, including the Natural Questions corpus and the MMLU (Massive Multitask Language Understanding) dataset.

Inflection-2 features a 50% wider field of view, a 120-degree viewing angle, double the brightness, and two 4K displays with a resolution of 51 pixels per degree. It includes a dual 20MP gaze-tracking auto-focus camera setup that tracks eye movements precisely. The AI model, tested against PaLM 2 and Meta's LLaMA 2, demonstrated strong performance in various tasks, showcasing its efficiency and effectiveness. Inflection AI plans to incorporate Inflection-2 into the PI AI Personal Assistant after safety testing. 

The company also highlighted Inflection-2's performance in code and math reasoning tests, achieving notable scores in comparison to other models, even though it was not specifically trained for coding. Inflection AI intends to train an even larger model on a 22,000 GPU cluster, aiming for further advancements in AI capabilities.


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