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iPhone 15 Pro Max Redefines Filmmaking: Apple's Scary Fast Event Shot with iPhone 15 Pro Max

Apple's recent Scary Fast event wasn't just groundbreaking due to the introduction of the world's first 3nm SoC for personal computers but also for its impact on mobile videography and filmmaking. The entire event was shot using the iPhone 15 Pro Max and edited on a Mac, highlighting the smartphone's capabilities for creative professionals and filmmakers.

The iPhone 15 Pro Max's camera system stands out, offering video quality that rivals professional video cameras. With the ability to capture ProRes video at up to 4K60 fps with Apple Log encoding, it ensures the preservation of every detail for post-production color grading. Notably, it's the world's first smartphone to support the Academy Colour Encoding System (ACES), a global standard for color workflows.

Acclaimed documentary film director Brian Oakes, known for his award-winning works, incorporated the iPhone 15 Pro Max into the event's production. He was impressed by the iPhone's capabilities, stating, "It's amazing to see that the quality from a device that is so small and so portable can rival a large $20,000 camera."

The production team received guidance from Apple's Pro Workflow video specialist Jon Carr and Jeff Wozniak, who contributed to major films. They highlighted the seamless transition to the iPhone 15 Pro Max for professional directors, thanks to features like ProRes recording to an external drive and Apple Log support.

To capture footage, the team used multiple iPhone 15 Pro Max devices with the Blackmagic Camera app and Tentacle Sync for synchronization. Beastgrip accessories were employed to enhance production. The iPhone 15 Pro Max's new USB-C connector enabled faster data transfer speeds, allowing for new workflows like ProRes video recording directly to an external SSD drive.

The crew utilized the Blackmagic Camera app, designed exclusively for iOS users, to access tools used in feature films and television shows, highlighting the iPhone's integration into traditional filming techniques and offering a glimpse of the future of mobile filmmaking.

The iPhone 15 Pro Max's performance showcased its potential for creative professionals and filmmakers, providing exciting possibilities for the industry. Apple continues to push the boundaries of what's achievable with a smartphone.


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