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Google Announces Policy to Delete Inactive Gmail Accounts After Two Years

Google has recently announced a new policy to delete inactive Gmail accounts that have been dormant for at least two years. This move is part of a major update to the email service, with the implementation expected to begin in December 2023. The policy aims to enhance security by reducing the risk of compromise for inactive accounts, protecting users from potential security threats like phishing, account hijacking, and scams.

Affected Gmail account holders, whose accounts are at risk of deletion, will receive multiple notifications to update their records or take action to prevent the removal of their accounts. Google has already started sending emails to notify users of the upcoming changes. To avoid deletion, account holders can engage with their accounts by opening or sending an email, accessing Google Drive, downloading an app from the Google Play Store, or conducting a Google search while logged in.

It's important to note that accounts with a YouTube video upload history will not be affected by this policy, regardless of their last activity date. The move is part of Google's effort to streamline its services and improve overall security for active users. Users should be aware of these upcoming changes and take necessary actions to ensure the retention of their Gmail accounts and associated data.

Google Announces Policy to Delete Inactive Gmail Accounts After Two Years

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