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Humane Unveils AI Pin: Wearable Device with Language Model-Powered Features and Subscription Plan

Humane has officially unveiled its first device, the AI Pin, after months of anticipation and demonstrations. Priced at $699, the wearable consists of a square device and a magnetic battery pack that attaches to clothing or other surfaces. In addition to the device cost, users need to subscribe to a $24 monthly plan for a Humane subscription, providing a phone number and data coverage through T-Mobile's network. Preorders start on November 16th, and shipping is expected to commence in early 2024.

The AI Pin, weighing about 34 grams, features a Snapdragon processor, though the specific model remains unspecified. It employs voice control, a camera, gestures, and a built-in projector for user interaction. The 13-megapixel camera can capture both photos and videos after a software update. Unlike devices continuously recording or listening for wake words, the Pin requires manual activation through tapping and dragging on the touchpad, accompanied by a "Trust Light" to signal data collection.

The device's core functionality lies in connecting to AI models through the AI Mic software, involving collaborations with Microsoft and OpenAI. The operating system, named Cosmos, automatically directs user queries to the appropriate tools without relying on traditional interfaces like homescreens or settings. Humane aims to streamline interactions by allowing users to communicate with the Pin through voice or touch, simplifying tasks without the need for managing multiple apps.

The announced features include voice-based messaging and calling, an "catch me up" function summarizing email inboxes, obtaining nutritional information by showing food to the camera, and real-time translation. While the primary focus appears to be a wearable language model-powered search engine, Humane plans to expand capabilities to include navigation, shopping, and intends to provide developers with tools for building additional functionalities.

Humane envisions the AI Pin as the initial step in a broader project, anticipating improvements as underlying models advance. The company hopes to follow a trajectory similar to the evolution of smartphones, where enhanced hardware improves the user experience, and the true revolution comes from the expanding range of tasks the device can perform. While challenges lie ahead, Humane expresses readiness to embark on this journey.


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