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Google Chrome Unveils Redesign for 15th Anniversary Featuring Material You Theme

Google Chrome is undergoing a significant redesign in celebration of its 15th anniversary, featuring a Material You theme, which was initially introduced in Android. The makeover includes rounded corners, updated icons, and the removal of the lock icon from the address bar. This marks the first major overhaul for the browser in five years, with the last transformation occurring in 2018 during the transition to the Google Material Theme.

The redesign focuses on enhancing legibility, creating distinct color palettes to differentiate between profiles (e.g., work and personal accounts), and better integration with operating systems to adapt to settings like dark and light modes. While the overall layout and appearance remain familiar, notable changes include a new drop-down menu displaying open and recently closed tabs on the far left. Horizontal tabs at the top of the window now appear as small pills with rounded corners when hovered over.

The browser's height has been increased, and the lock icon in the Omnibox has been replaced with a settings icon, providing access to connection security, page permissions, cookies, and site data options. With the widespread adoption of HTTPS, Google justified the removal of the lock icon as redundant. New icons with outlined styles and hollowed insides have been introduced, and Material You color palettes offer various bright and pastel-like options.

Additionally, a side panel icon next to the profile icon provides quick access to bookmarks, reading lists, and history, with the history now categorized for easier navigation based on keywords. The upcoming Chrome redesign aims to refresh the browser's appearance and introduce new features in the coming weeks.

Google Chrome Unveils Redesign for 15th Anniversary Featuring Material You Theme

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