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Meta Unveils Next-Gen Ray-Ban Smart Glasses with Live Streaming and AI Assistant

During the Meta Connect event, Meta's CEO Mark Zuckerberg introduced the highly anticipated second-generation Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses. These cutting-edge spectacles come equipped with an impressive array of features, including the capability to seamlessly live stream content to both Facebook and Instagram platforms. The glasses are powered by Qualcomm technology, enhancing their performance and functionality. They also incorporate an AI assistant, delivering an interactive and intuitive experience for users. With improved audio quality and a high-resolution camera, these glasses ensure that users can capture and share their experiences with exceptional clarity. 

Moreover, they are designed to withstand water exposure and feature enhanced touch controls for a more intuitive interaction.

Available for pre-order at a starting price of $299 USD, these smart glasses will be accessible for purchase at retail locations starting October 17. Although the Meta AI assistant is initially launching in beta, exclusively for users in the United States, these glasses provide an immersive and innovative means of capturing and sharing moments within the broader Meta ecosystem.


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