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Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Design Unveiled: Familiar Yet Refined

Newly released CAD-based renders provide a comprehensive look at the design of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra. The design closely resembles the current Galaxy S23 Ultra, featuring the following notable aspects:

Rear Camera Setup: The Galaxy S24 Ultra retains the four-camera arrangement on the back, maintaining a rectangular shape with flat tops and bottoms and a slightly curved side frame.
Front Screen: The front screen has flatter edges, noticeably less curved compared to the S23 Ultra.
Reduced Bezels: Samsung has worked to reduce bezels, aiming to offer one of the narrowest bezels seen on a smartphone. Importantly, the bezels will be symmetrical, ensuring that the bottom bezel matches the rest.
Materials: Samsung plans to incorporate a titanium alloy into the phone's construction, resulting in a slightly lighter device, weighing 233g, which is 1g lighter than the current model.
Dimensions: The Galaxy S24 Ultra is expected to measure 162.3 x 79 x 8.7mm, making it shorter but wider than the S23 Ultra.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Design Unveiled: Familiar Yet Refined

Additionally, the report indicates that Samsung will introduce an Ultra-wideband antenna in its upcoming flagship model. These design refinements suggest that while the Galaxy S24 Ultra maintains a familiar look, Samsung is focused on enhancing key aspects of the device to offer an even more appealing and refined smartphone experience.

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