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Google's Pixel 8 Series: AI Takes Center Stage in Smartphone Innovation

Google's upcoming Pixel 8 series of smartphones is placing a significant emphasis on artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance their features. Throughout the history of Pixel phones, AI has played a key role in differentiating them. Notably, the Pixel 6 series introduced the Tensor processor, which was designed to prioritize AI capabilities. However, the Pixel 8 is now putting the term "AI" front and center in its marketing.

A leaked video reveals numerous AI-powered features for the Pixel 8 series, especially in the camera department. These include Audio Eraser and a feature that can alter the faces of subjects in photos using AI. Google is marketing the Pixel 8 as "engineered by Google, with AI controlled by you." The promotional video also highlights safety and security aspects of the phone, including new chips and safety features.

Google's Pixel 8 Series: AI Takes Center Stage in Smartphone Innovation

Google is actively promoting AI-driven functions, such as a feature called "Summarize," where Google Assistant can quickly generate bullet-point summaries of webpages being viewed in Chrome. This reflects Google's strong focus on AI, as the company competes in the race for AI dominance, and it aligns with its previous emphasis on AI technologies at Google I/O. The Pixel 8 series is set to debut on October 4, and it will likely come with slight price increases.

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