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Apple's Pursuit of Search Independence: 'Pegasus' Search Engine Challenges Google

Apple's annual earnings of $8 billion come from Google's default search engine status on its devices. Recent reports indicate Apple's development of its search engine, known as 'Pegasus,' under the leadership of former Google executive John Giannandrea. This search technology is already integrated into select Apple apps and will expand to the Apple Store.

The Apple-Google partnership, established in 2002, has undergone revisions over the years. Eddy Cue, Apple's SVP of Services, emphasized their expertise in internet search during recent testimony in a Google antitrust case, noting that there were no viable alternatives at the time.

Apple's pursuit of its search engine could potentially reshape the search market, reducing reliance on Google. However, the long-standing Apple-Google partnership remains a significant factor in the digital landscape.

Apple to introduce it's own search engine


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