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WhatsApp to Discontinue Support for Older Android Devices, Urges Users to Update

WhatsApp has taken the step of discontinuing support for a range of older devices that run on Android OS versions below 5.0. This decision particularly affects some outdated and less frequently used phones. To ensure continued access to WhatsApp's services, users are strongly encouraged to update their devices. WhatsApp has established specific criteria for device eligibility, which includes having Android OS 4.1 and higher for Android devices, iOS 12 or later for iPhones, and KaiOS 2.5.0 and above for devices such as the JioPhone.

For users to determine their device's operating system version, it can typically be found within the device's settings. To ease the transition for affected users, WhatsApp provides advance notifications and reminders, thus ensuring a smooth process of adaptation to the new system. 

Some of the notable devices that will no longer receive WhatsApp support due to this update include the HTC One M, Sony Xperia Z, LG Optimus G Pro, and Samsung Galaxy S2, among others. For these users, upgrading to a newer, supported device is the recommended course of action.


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  1. Had to happen one day as those SDKs aren't secure enough anymore

  2. I don't think that even 5% of Android user base will be affected by this

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