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Apple Supplier Pegatron Temporarily Halts iPhone Assembly in India After Factory Fire

In the aftermath of a fire incident that occurred on Sunday night, Pegatron, a prominent Apple supplier based in southern India, took swift action by temporarily suspending iPhone assembly operations on the subsequent Monday. This interruption in production resulted in the cancellation of the first two shifts, with the fate of the third shift still pending clarification. 

It is a relief to note that no casualties or injuries were reported as a result of the fire, which occurred on a non-operational holiday, preventing any potential harm to workers.

The exact extent of the damages incurred during the incident is yet to be fully assessed, and further investigations will shed light on the implications for Pegatron's manufacturing operations. Pegatron holds a significant position in Apple's supply chain, contributing to approximately 10% of Apple's annual iPhone production within India. This makes the incident of particular importance, not only for the company itself but also for Apple and its production capacity in the region.


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