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Threads to get a dedicated Web App soon as Zuck reveals upcoming features

Threads is a new platform released by Meta which for an overview replicates the functionality of X (formerly Twitter). The aim of Threads was to provide users a more Text focused platform while still staying connected up on different Meta's Social Media Platforms. 

When the Threads was launched to the public it was available only for Android and iOS platforms as an app, With basic functionalities. For the people who wanted to use the app on their desktop, simply couldn't do it as at the time of release there was no dedicated Web Application available for users but things might change a bit now as Zuck unveils upcoming features, among which was the word 'Web' but thread didn't actually stated or referred to a web version of Threads. 

But majority of people believe that this could be a pure hint referring to the web version or the web application of the Threads platform. One other feature that was under the spotlight was the search feature.

Threads to get a dedicated Web App soon as Zuck reveals upcoming features

These new features could be made public in upcoming weeks as there aren't any actual number figures given or made public yet about when will they release these features.

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