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YouTube's 1080p Premium Enhanced bitrate feature is now available on Desktop Web

YouTube has expanded its higher-quality 1080p video streaming option to all Premium subscribers using desktop devices worldwide. This move comes after the feature, known as "enhanced bitrate" 1080p, was initially launched in April for iOS users. While YouTube's enhanced bitrate option offers improved video quality, it has been limited to Premium subscribers, who pay for an ad-free viewing experience, background playback, and offline downloads. 

The enhanced 1080p streaming option aims to provide viewers with a sharper and clearer picture, particularly for videos containing intricate details and motion. This enhancement allows for a better viewing experience, especially on larger screens or for users who prioritize video quality. 

Non-Premium subscribers will still have access to the standard 1080p streaming quality on YouTube, but they won't benefit from the enhanced bitrate, which results in a higher-quality stream. 

YouTube spokesperson Paul Pennington confirmed that the enhanced 1080p streaming option is also being rolled out to living room-focused devices like Chromecasts and video game consoles, making it accessible on various platforms for Premium subscribers. 

However, as of now, this feature is not available for Android users, although some reports indicate that it briefly appeared for select users in June. YouTube is likely to continue expanding the availability of the enhanced bitrate option in the future. 

This move reflects YouTube's ongoing efforts to provide a premium viewing experience for its paying subscribers. While the standard 1080p streaming option is satisfactory for many users, the enhanced bitrate feature caters to those who prioritize video quality and clarity.


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