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Google announces integration of AI in 'Google Workspace'

Google Workspace is set of productivity services operated by Google. The Google Workspace offers all the necessary applications that are found in the Microsoft Office. It is one of the best alternatives of MS Office to carry out office related work.
The Google Workspace already offers a user friendly UI that is easy to use and learn if you are already familiar with these kind of services. Moreover in this era of AI majority companies are moving towards the use of AI in their products and as early a company adopts it, the more chances are that they will lead in a particular service. 

So after there were confirmation from the the Microsoft about the integration of bing AI in the Microsoft Office, Google didn't waited long till they announced their integration of AI with Google Workspace. 

This new integration will allow the user to get summary of emails, typing recommendation, analyze data and more. To this date their are no confirmation about the final product and it's features but it will be useful for if you use Google Workspace on a daily basis. 
The integration of AI will be in the majority of the apps under Google Workspace like Word, Slides, Gmail, Sheets and more.

Google announces integration of AI in 'Google Workspace'
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