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Nothing OS 1.5.3 based on Android 13 has started rolling out

The Nothing Phone (1), the inaugural smartphone offering from UK-based startup Nothing, led by the former OnePlus founder Carl Pei, has recently received an incremental update named Nothing OS 1.5.3. This update brings a host of enhancements and new features to the device. 

Notably, it introduces support for the Nothing Ear 2 earbuds, ensuring seamless integration between the phone and the earbuds. Additionally, the update focuses on improving memory utilization and overall performance, further enhancing the user experience. 

This follows closely on the heels of the phone's first major Android OS update last month, which brought it into the Android 13 ecosystem. The official Twitter handle of Nothing has confirmed the rollout of Nothing OS 1.5.3, with the update becoming available to all Nothing Phone (1) users in the coming days.

Since the release of Nothing OS 1.5 for Nothing Phone (1), the device hasn't received any updates until now. As stated the update is based on android 13. Nothing further stated in it's tweet that you will now be ale to experience more smoother and faster loading speeds and overall improved battery life. 

The update also patches most of the known bugs and adds various new customization features.

Nothing OS 1.5.3 based on Android 13 has started rolling out
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