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Apple unveils visionOS 2 at its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2024

Apple has unveiled visionOS 2 at its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2024, introducing significant updates and features to enhance the user experience on the Apple Vision Pro headset. This new version brings transformative changes to the interface, including the ability to convert regular photos into 3D-enabled Spatial photos, new hand gestures for easier navigation, and extensive customization options for the Home Screen.

One of the standout features in visionOS 2 is the ability to convert standard photos into Spatial photos directly within the Photos app. This feature allows users to add depth perception to any image, not just those originally captured as Spatial photos. The enhanced photos can be shared via SharePlay or through spatial Persona, enabling immersive viewing experiences. Additionally, Apple has updated Final Cut Pro to support editing spatial videos on Mac, further enhancing content creation capabilities. These spatial videos can be shared using the Vimeo app designed for Vision Pro.

VisionOS 2 also introduces intuitive new hand gestures to simplify interactions. Users can access the Home View by tapping their index finger and thumb together, while rolling the wrist from a supine to a prone position will display the time. Tapping fingers in this wrist position will bring up the Control Center. Additional gestures allow for quick checks of battery levels and volume adjustments, making the Vision Pro's interface more fluid and user-friendly.

For those using Vision Pro with a Mac, the update significantly enhances the virtual display capabilities. VisionOS 2 will offer an ultra-wide virtual display equivalent to having two 4K monitors side by side, expanding from the current single 5K resolution display. This improved feature, combined with support for mouse connectivity and the display of a physical Magic Keyboard in the virtual environment, boosts productivity and versatility.

Apple has addressed user feedback on Home Screen management by allowing users to customize the placement of app icons. This flexibility extends to iPhone and iPad apps, providing a more personalized and organized user interface. VisionOS 2 also introduces a Guest User feature, enabling multiple users to share the device with their eye and hand data saved for 30 days, making it convenient for families or collaborative environments.

Other notable enhancements include the ability to watch web videos from platforms like YouTube, Netflix, and Amazon via Safari, and multi-view support in Apple TV for Vision Pro, allowing up to five simultaneous streams. The Mindfulness app receives an update with the new Follow Your Breathing feature, which synchronizes animations and sounds with the user's breathing patterns. Systemwide Live Captions are being added to improve accessibility, and AirPlay support is expanded to allow viewing content from an iPhone, iPad, or Mac on the Vision Pro.

These updates come alongside the release of the developer beta for visionOS 2, available to eligible members of the Apple Developer Program, as Apple continues to push the boundaries of augmented reality and user interface innovation with Vision Pro.

Apple has addressed user feedback on Home Screen management by allowing users to customize the placement of app icons
Apple has addressed user feedback on Home Screen management by allowing users to customize the placement of app icons

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