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Microsoft Unveils Feature-Packed Windows 11 Update, Including Enhanced Copilot and Generative Erase

Microsoft is ushering in a new update for Windows 11, packed with an array of enhancements and fresh built-in features. Among the highlights is an expansion of capabilities for Copilot, the AI assistant in Windows 11, alongside the introduction of Generative Erase in Photos, Voice Shortcuts for accessibility, refined Snap layouts, modifications to the Widgets system, and more.

While the Windows 11 update debuts today, Microsoft clarifies that not all features will be immediately activated. The enhanced Copilot functionality is set to roll out in late March, offering users the ability to execute tasks like enabling battery saver mode or launching accessibility features simply by interacting with the AI chatbot. Additionally, Copilot will provide information on Wi-Fi networks, storage space availability, and even assist in emptying the recycling bin.

In the realm of AI-powered features, the built-in Photos app will now boast Generative Erase, enabling users to effortlessly eliminate unwanted objects from photos with a simple selection and deletion process. Furthermore, Microsoft's video editor, Clipchamp, gains the ability to remove awkward silences from videos, enhancing overall editing capabilities.

Windows 11's Widgets and Snap layouts are also receiving enhancements in this update. Users can now disable the "Microsoft Start" feed within Widgets, and the Windows Widgets board is now interoperable, in compliance with Microsoft's Digital Markets Act commitments to the European Commission.

Improvements to the Snap feature make resizing app windows even more intuitive, with the system now able to remember frequently snapped apps and suggest layouts automatically. Tablet users with styluses will appreciate the new ability to write directly into text boxes across the OS, expanding the functionality of Windows Ink across various applications.

The casting feature in Windows 11, facilitating content projection to nearby displays, has been refined for a smoother user experience. Notifications will now prompt users to utilize the Cast feature during multitasking, and enhancements to Cast aim to streamline the process of finding nearby displays and resolving connection issues.

For those who frequently share content across devices, Windows 11 introduces improvements to Nearby Share, promising faster transfer speeds within the same network. Additionally, users can now assign a friendly name to their PC for easier recognition by others.

The Phone Link system in Windows 11 has also been enhanced, offering access to recent photos and the option to use the phone as a webcam during video conferencing. Accessibility features receive a boost with Voice Shortcuts, enabling users to automate tasks using custom voice commands, and improvements to Narrator offer more natural voices leveraging on-device text-to-speech technology.

Microsoft is rolling out this comprehensive Windows 11 update today, with gradual availability expected on devices. For immediate access, users can enable the "get the latest updates as soon as they're available" option in Windows Update and manually check for updates.

Moreover, Microsoft is preparing to implement changes in compliance with the Digital Market Act (DMA) in the European Union, including allowing users to remove Cortana and select their preferred search provider for Windows Search. These changes will commence rolling out ahead of the March 6th compliance deadline.

Windows 11's Widgets and Snap layouts are also receiving enhancements in this update
Windows 11's Widgets and Snap layouts are also receiving enhancements in this update

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