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OnePlus Set to Introduce AI Features Through Software Update for OnePlus 11 and OnePlus 12

OnePlus is reportedly venturing into the realm of artificial intelligence (AI) with the introduction of innovative features for its premium smartphone models, the OnePlus 11 and OnePlus 12. Initial expectations were centered around the OnePlus 12 launch for the unveiling of AI features; however, recent leaks suggest that OnePlus might introduce these features through a software update for the OnePlus 11 as well.

According to credible leaks, OnePlus is preparing to release a ColorOS update in China, bringing a range of AI features. This update, initially associated with the OnePlus 11 models, has also been observed by users on OnePlus 12 devices. Notable leaker Mishaal Rahman shared insights into the software update on X, highlighting various AI features that are anticipated to be part of the update.

The reported AI features for the OnePlus 11 include "Al Summariser" and "AIGC Remover," tailored for photo editing and article summarization. Another noteworthy addition is the "Breeno Touch," enabling on-screen content recognition. While these features may not directly compete with those offered by industry giants like Samsung and Google, they signify a significant stride for OnePlus in elevating the overall user experience.

Mishaal Rahman mentioned, "The update brings the version to PHB110_14.0.0.403(CN01) and also adds a few other features, like a new ‘device motion & orientation’ permission, the ability to use fingerprint unlock without waking up the screen, the ability to show the screen recording indicator in either a floating window or in the status bar, and the ability to control QQ Music on the AOD."

The inclusion of these AI features underscores OnePlus' commitment to staying competitive in the technological landscape. While the timeline for the global rollout and availability on other flagship models remains uncertain, OnePlus users can anticipate a more intelligent and feature-rich experience with the upcoming updates on the OnePlus 11 and OnePlus 12.

OnePlus is reportedly venturing into the realm of artificial intelligence (AI)
OnePlus is reportedly venturing into the realm of artificial intelligence (AI)

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  1. With the OnePlus 11 and OnePlus 12 releases, OnePlus is entering the AI arena! The blog highlights OnePlus' dedication to innovation by offering a thorough sneak peek at the upcoming AI features. OnePlus users are in for exciting times ahead.

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